Memory Mixtape

After reading “Love is a mix tape” by Rob Sheffield, I came to the conclusion that I’ve been making my own mixtapes subconsciously for years. I visit a lot of concerts and for some reason I always record 30 seconds of it on my lovely crappy iPhone 4S. But only if I’m enjoying myself and feel inspired. I’ve seen 21 artists perform in 2018 and recorded during 15 of those concerts. Short video’s that make up my soundtrack for that year. I’ve listened to those songs when my heart got broken in Paris, left a part of myself in Edinburgh, got lost in Amsterdam, found a piece of me in London and tried to live my life in Utrecht. Music is story telling, story telling is an expression of feelings and those feelings make it art. Making art is doing something that you love. I loved hearing and seeing those stories come to life on stage and in my own life.

I'm currently working on the memory mixtape of 2019.